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Precision CNC Turning

Advance Products possesses all of the latest CNC turning centers to meet all of your precision CNC turning component requirements. With 10 CNC turning centers, we can accomodate CNC turning jobs of all types. The typical production runs for our CNC turning services are 500+ pieces for screw machine parts and 4,000+ pieces for powder metal parts. Our full CNC turning capabilities include:

CNC Turn / Milling Centers

  • 6 Mazak SQTN CNC Turning Centers with Milling – 8" - 12" Max Dia Chuck Capacities
  • 1 Gantry Robot Loading and Unloading
  • 4 Magazine Bar Feed and Parts Conveyors
  • 2 Y Axis Capabilities to turn Products complete in less operations to lower Customer Setup Costs
  • 2 Chuckers

CNC Turning Centers

  • 4 - Mazak QTN CNC Turning Centers – 8" - 10" Max Dia Chuck Capacities
  • 1 Magazine Bar Feed and Parts Conveyors
  • 3 Chuckers

Supplementary Milling, Drilling, Tapping, Broaching Machines including

  • 6 MSO Rotary transfer Machines
  • 2 La Point Broaches

We have the capability to manufacture the following materials in both the powder metal process or the machining process.

The following materials are only able to be manufactured by the machining process.

Advance Products has been providing OEMs and various industries with custom screw machine parts and powder metal components since 1969. We machine a variety of materials including stainless steel, brass, carbon steel, bronze, aluminum, and nickel. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility and our experienced staff have the expertise to deliver the parts that will meet your exact specifications.

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