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Industrial Fittings

Advance Products, Inc. offers various types of industrial metal fittings, available in several types of metal, including stainless steel, to accommodate any application. We specialize in creating custom industrial metal fittings to serve a wide variety of industries.

Advance Products, Inc. has operated since 1969 and we are always on the lookout for new technology to improve our processes. We offer a wide range of materials for our powder metal parts. Our most common type of powder metal fittings include: bronze bushing, bronze bearing, bronze flanges and stainless steel flanges and fittings.

We will review your blueprints to ensure the specifications for your fittings are met accurately at an economical cost.

Our capabilities include presses ranging from 30 to 550 tons with press speeds exceeding 1800 strokes per hour and produce components up to 5.4 inches of projected area. We offer oil impregnation applications which provide life-long self-lubrication for both flanges and fittings. In addition, our sintering, sizing and resin impregnation capabilities are unparalleled.

Advance Products, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility and adheres to a stringent quality control program.

We can accommodate runs from 1,000 pieces to a million pieces. Our facility offers warehousing for your products and will ship directly to your facility on a timely schedule. We are a complete turn-key facility and are deadline driven. Contact Advance Products, Inc. today to discuss your custom and OEM powder metal fitting needs.

industrial metal fittings

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